Please ensure you read and fully understand these booking terms and conditions. If anything is unclear, please contact us so we can explain in further detail.

This property is privately owned and is our home. We hope all guests enjoy their stay and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own house.

Bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions as agreed in the booking email.

Booking Rules
  • Any quote sent to you is kept for 48 hours. If you do not respond in that time we presume you do not wish to book and the dates will become available to the next enquiry.

  • A contract between you and the owner will come into existence when payment is received, and a booking confirmation email is issued showing the confirmed holiday dates. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms and conditions of booking. Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract and loss of the booking.

  • Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under eighteen years of age.

  • The owner reserves the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.

  • Bookings normally commence at 4pm unless otherwise agreed and guests are required to vacate the property by 11am on departure day. This allows the accommodation to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for incoming guests.

  • Any delay to the agreed departure time may result in a charge to the refundable security deposit to cover any time the cleaner has to wait to access the property. This is calculated at €20 for every 15 minute delay.

Cancellation Policy
  • A €100 security and damage deposit is payable at the time of booking. This is fully refunded within 7 days of departure according to the Damages and Breakages section of the terms and conditions below.

  • Up until commencement of the holiday, the security deposit also acts as cover for a €50 service change should the holiday be cancelled at any time before commencement. This covers administration costs of the booking and cancellation.

  • The full balance must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the commencement of your holiday. If the balance is not received by the due date, then your booking will be treated as a cancellation.

  • If the booking commences within 4 weeks then the whole amount of the booking, plus the €100 security deposit must be made in full to reserve the property.

  • If the booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks before commencement, then 100% of the booking price, less the €50 service charge from the security deposit is fully refunded.

  • If the booking is cancelled 2-4 weeks before commencement, then 50% of the booking price is charged, plus the €50 service charge taken from the security deposit.

  • If the booking is cancelled under 2 weeks before commencement, then 100% of the booking price is charged for, plus the €50 service charge taken from the security deposit.

  • All cancellations must be notified by email to or phone (call, text or WhatsApp) to +00 44 (0)7500595337.

  • Your booking will not be cancelled by the owner except in exceptional circumstances beyond our control. Notification will be given of the cancellation as soon as possible and we will promptly refund all payments made for your holiday. Our liability for cancellation will be limited to payments made to us.

  • Should a national lockdown relating to COVID-19 prevent us from being able to let the property to you, all costs plus the security deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days.

  • We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellations. If you choose not to, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

Property Rules
  • No parties or events: The maximum number of persons using the accommodation at any time must not exceed 6 persons. We reserve the right to terminate the booking without notice and without refund in case of a breach of this condition.

  • We reserve the right to enter the property at any time to undertake essential maintenance or for inspection purposes.

  • No vaping or smoking inside the premises is permitted. This must be strictly adhered to and any damage or extra cleaning caused by smoking will be charged to your security deposit.

  • Please do not move any furniture from one room to another.

  • Please lock the doors and close the windows when you leave the property unoccupied.

  • Please make sure you switch off lights, heating, or any electrical appliances when you go out.

  • You may in no circumstance re-let or sublet the property, even free of charge.

  • The owner shall not be liable for any temporary defect or malfunction of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the building or grounds.

  • No compensation will be given for any temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, internet connection or television service.

  • All inventory items must remain in the property and not be taken to another property.

  • Barbecue: Please use the concrete patio areas for any barbeque, do not place any barbecues on the grass area.

  • Candles and incense burners are not permitted inside the property.

  • 1 pet is allowed at one time and only if agreed with the owner during the booking.

  • Please do not let pets onto the furniture, especially sofas and beds.

  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, both inside the property and in the communal grounds of Carrowhubbock Village.

  • Any damage or extra cleaning caused by pets will be charged to your security deposit.

  • Pets must not be left in the property unattended at any time.

Security Deposit and Damages
  • Security deposit: In making a booking you accept responsibility for any theft, breakage or damage caused by you, pets or any member of your party and agree to indemnify us in full for any loss that we may incur as a result. A security deposit of €100 is required and will be returned within 7 days of departure, less the cost of damage/breakages. Reasonable accidental damages such as breaking a glass, or a plate is not included.

  • Damages and breakages: Please treat the facilities & accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. If you notice something is missing or damaged in your accommodation, please let us know so that we can take the appropriate action. If there has been any damage or breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could report them promptly, especially before check-out. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of the holiday and you may be charged for any loss or damage.

  • The owner reserves the right to make a charge to cover additional cleaning costs if you leave the property in an unacceptable condition. This includes extending to the refuse enclosure and wheelie bins. Please bag all waste appropriately. Do not dispose of food waste directly into the wheelie bin. Cleaning costs for disposing food waste directly into the wheelie bin will be charged for. This is charged at €20 for very 15 mins it takes to fix the problem.

  • Please note that if the keys issued are not returned at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement will be charged to you via the security deposit.

  • The owners are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings or valuables of the guest.

  • Guests are responsible for the safety and security and behavior of their children at all times.

  • Please dispose of all waste correctly in the wheelie bins located in the bin enclose to the rear of the property.

  • Waste for the black wheelie bin must be bagged. Failure to bag waste correctly that results in extra cleaning will result in a deduction from your security deposit. This is charged at €20 for very 15 mins it takes to fix the problem.

  • Clean recycling of plastic, paper and card is collected in the yellow wheelie bin.

  • Glass is not collected as recycling, please dispose of glass in the bottle bank by the Tourist Office on Pier Road if you can.

  • Any excessive disposal of glass in a wheelie bin that has to be removed by the cleaner will be charged for at a rate €20 per 15mins of time taken to fix.

  • Refuse is collected once a fortnight on a Monday (approx. 10am). If it is during your week, please leave the bins to the side of the road on the Sunday evening or Monday morning. Please return empty wheelie ins to the bin enclose. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Carrowhubbock Holiday Village
  • No parking on the grass of Carrowhubbock Holiday Village.

  • No parking of camper vans or caravans within Carrowhubbock Holiday Village.

  • Do not block any access to another property in Carrowhubbock Holiday Village.

  • Please respect the community and keep noise levels to a minimum, especially between 11pm and 8am. Many properties are residential and occupied all year round.

  • We reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation where the unreasonable behavior of the persons named on the booking (or their pets or guests) may impair the enjoyment, comfort, or health of others.

  • Pets are welcome in the village but please clean up and dispose of any mess immediately and appropriately.

  • Please vacate the property by the time agreed on the booking email.

  • Any delay to the agreed departure time may result in a charge to the refundable security deposit to cover any time the cleaner has to wait to access the property. This is calculated at €20 for every 15 minute delay

  • Please remove all bagged waste and recycling to the correct wheelie bins.

  • Please do washing up of dirty dishes or at least load in the dishwasher and set running.

  • Please leave all sinks, the bath and toilets as you found them.

  • Check the washing machine and tumble dryer.

  • Please check the fridge and remove all food.

  • Any problem or complaint which guests may have concerning their holiday must be immediately reported to us and we will endeavor to put matters right.

  • Please notify any issue as soon as possible by email to or by phone (call, text or WhatsApp) to +00 44 (0)7500595337.

  • Any complaints not reported to us at the time and only reported after you have returned from holiday will not be considered by the owner.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments or additions to these terms and conditions without notice.